I’m messing with sync framework and am just posting this as a quick note to self, but it might help others too. When syncing with a custom scope I’m using this code to filter on a column.

   1:  var sqlAzureProvisioning = new SqlSyncScopeProvisioning(sqlAzureConnection, scope);
   2:  if (!sqlAzureProvisioning.ScopeExists(FilteredScopeName))
   3:  {
   4:      sqlAzureProvisioning.SetCreateTableDefault(DbSyncCreationOption.CreateOrUseExisting);
   5:      sqlAzureProvisioning.SetCreateTrackingTableDefault(DbSyncCreationOption.CreateOrUseExisting);
   6:      sqlAzureProvisioning.SetCreateTriggersDefault(DbSyncCreationOption.CreateOrUseExisting);
   7:      sqlAzureProvisioning.SetCreateProceduresDefault(DbSyncCreationOption.CreateOrUseExisting);
   8:      sqlAzureProvisioning.SetCreateProceduresForAdditionalScopeDefault(DbSyncCreationOption.CreateOrUseExisting);
   9:      sqlAzureProvisioning.ObjectSchema = "Sync";
  11:      sqlAzureProvisioning.Tables["Contacts"].AddFilterColumn("OwnerContactId");
  12:      sqlAzureProvisioning.Tables["Contacts"].FilterClause =
  13:          string.Format("[side].[OwnerContactId] = '{0}'", Properties.Settings.Default.UserContactId);
  15:      sqlAzureProvisioning.Apply();
  16:  }

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A few months ago I built a Windows screensaver using WPF and an RSS feed. I blogged about it over at and thought I should mention it here…

On Thursday Visible Reality had a booth at Schmooze Fair. It was lots of fun introducing people to our new company and showing off our development skills with our weekend project, the Wii-mote and USB rocket launcher game. Vida took some photos of our booth too. Hopefully everyone who dropped by enjoyed it too.